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The Glenavon House project, located in Glasnevin, Dublin 9, involves the development of 44 apartments within a tight 24-month timeframe. This initiative is intended for future use by an Approved Housing Body (AHB), reflecting a critical response to Ireland’s housing demand.

Glenavon Developments Ltd, the client, commissioned this project to provide high-quality housing solutions under constrained conditions.

Additionally, architecture, MEP engineering, and archaeology services were provided by sub-consultants to ORS, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach that leveraged specialised expertise across various domains.

The development of Glenavon House is set to deliver 44 well-designed apartments that meet contemporary housing standards and regulatory requirements. This project aligns with Ireland’s aspirations for sustainable living by incorporating all-electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the parking spaces, in line with new requirements under Part L.

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Throughout the design stage, the project faced challenges, including:

Site Conditions: The site had tight boundaries with neighbouring buildings, which complicated the construction logistics.

Design Coordination: Pulling together a detailed design in a short timeframe to submit a commencement notice posed a significant challenge.

Multidisciplinary Team Management: Managing a diverse team, including large external contractors, to complete a unique and detailed design solution required robust coordination and project management.

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Overcoming challenges

Multidisciplinary Approach

The ORS Multidisciplinary team addressed these challenges through meticulous design consideration and detailed coordination among the design disciplines. Effective project management ensured that the team met the tight programme requirements. Additionally, innovative solutions such as prefabricated structural components helped shorten construction durations, while thorough planning and timely communication facilitated the submission of the commencement notice, enabling the project to avail Developer Levy Relief.

Technical Innovations: Several innovative solutions were implemented to enhance the project’s efficiency and sustainability. The use of prefabricated structural walls and beams significantly reduced construction time. Furthermore, the incorporation of EV charging points in all parking spaces underscores the project’s forward-looking approach to environmental sustainability.

Success Stories: The project achieved notable successes, including the timely submission for the commencement notice, which resulted in a cost saving of approximately 400,000 euros for the client. This financial benefit was a direct outcome of the strategic planning and efficient project execution.

Client Interaction & Feedback: Throughout the project, there was plenty of accurate and timely communication with the client, ensuring that all parties were aligned and informed. This effective collaboration was crucial to the project’s success.

Industry Trends & Future Impact: The Glenavon House project exemplifies a significant trend in the housing industry towards meeting high-quality standards under tight timeframes. It also highlights the growing importance of sustainability features such as EV charging infrastructure. This project underscores ORS’s capability to deliver complex housing projects through a multidisciplinary approach, thereby enhancing the firm’s reputation and demonstrating its expertise in managing intricate developments.

The Glenavon House project not only addresses the immediate housing needs in Dublin but also sets a benchmark for future developments by integrating innovative solutions and sustainable practices. This case study reflects ORS’s commitment to excellence and adaptability in the face of challenging conditions.


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