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Organisations today are striving to take positive action towards climate change and environmental sustainability. They are committed to providing assurances to their clients and senior stakeholders and demonstrating action to relevant bodies.

Governments and regulatory bodies are placing increased focus on setting environmental targets and standards for business. Complex legislation has created demands for greater management, design, implementation and monitoring of environmental issues.

Our people are proficient in environmental science. As highly-qualified environmental experts, we act as an ambassador for our private and public sector clients, managing a broad range of specialist services on their behalf.

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Leading sustainable development through expert environmental consultancy and compliance

Environmental Impact Assessment

We prepare comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) that adhere to the latest EU EIA Directive and national guidelines. Our team, led by chartered environmental & ecological consultants deliver chapters to the highest quality reflecting emerging best practices, ensuring that projects can withstand legal challenges and contribute to sustainable development.


Our team specialises in renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, and biogas. We provide expertise to ensure technical feasibility and regulatory compliance, optimise environmental performance, and support the transition to sustainable energy sources.


We offer a range of comprehensive and customised ecological services that support architects, planners and developers in creating environmentally conscious and socially responsible developments. Our work ensures sustainable development and compliance with environmental regulations, promoting the conservation of natural habitats and species.

Waste Permitting & Licensing

We provide guidance on obtaining necessary waste permits and licenses, including waste licenses (authorised by the EPA) and waste facility permits / certificates of registration (authorised by Local Authorities). Our services ensure that clients meet all regulatory requirements for waste management operations.

Environmental Compliance

Our environmental compliance services help clients navigate regulatory requirements, including EPA licensing, Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), and Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) compliance. We ensure that operations adhere to legal standards and minimise environmental impact.

Environmental Management

We develop Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs), manage contractor procurement and RFT competitions, and provide reporting services. Our expertise ensures that projects adhere to environmental best practices throughout their lifecycle, from planning to completion.

Planning Stage Consultancy

Our planning stage consultancy services offer expert environmental advice, integrating sustainability into development plans. We ensure that environmental considerations are addressed early in the project lifecycle, facilitating smoother planning approvals and sustainable outcomes.

Construction Stage Consultancy

During the construction stage, we provide on-site environmental management to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our services help minimise environmental impacts and support clients in the construction sector in meeting their environmental obligations whilst remaining on good standing with the competent authorities.

Flood Risk Assessment

We conduct detailed flood risk assessments to provide critical information for planning and development. Our assessments help ensure that projects are designed to be resilient to flooding, protecting both the environment and investments.

Contaminated Land & Brownfield Redevelopment

We investigate and assess contaminated sites, offering solutions for remediation and redevelopment. Our services support the safe and sustainable reuse of brownfield sites, addressing environmental liabilities and promoting land regeneration.

Environmental Leaders

Key Contacts

  • John Brennan Managing Director
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    John Brennan

    Managing Director

  • Luke Martin
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    Luke Martin

    Associate and Joint Environmental Lead

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