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Overview of service

The EPA outline their obligation in relation to environmental licensing in the following:

“Certain industrial activities produce emissions of various substances into the air, water and land. They also generate waste and use resources such as energy and water. The EPA has a wide remit and is responsible for a range of tasks relating to the authorisation of activities that could have an impact on the environment or on human health.” (

At ORS, we have clients who are licensed by the EPA across a range of industries, from pharmaceutical to heavy industry to waste management in Ireland and the UK. Ensuring adherence that company policy procedures are aligned with and ultimately comply with the conditions of their licence is a crucial focus for our clients.

We offer a wide range of environmental compliance services which include:

  • Environmental monitoring – noise, air, water
  • Annual Environmental Reporting
  • Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment 
  • Closure Restoration & Aftercare Management Plan
  • Waste Classification Reporting
  • Integrity testing
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Integrity Testing

In general, the condition relating to integrity testing in a licence will be worded similarly to the following:

“The integrity and water tightness of all underground pipes, tanks, bunding structures and containers and their resistance to penetration by water or other materials carried or stored therein shall be tested and demonstrated by the licensee. This testing shall be carried out by the licensee at least once every three years and reported to the Agency on each occasion. This testing shall be carried out in accordance with any guidance published by the Agency. A written record of all integrity tests and any maintenance or remedial work arising from them shall be maintained by the licensee.”


The following guidance documents are considered in the integrity testing of bunds and underground services:

  • EPA, (2004): IPC Guidance Note on Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities 
  • BS 8007:1987: Design of Concrete Structures for Containing Aqueous Liquids 
  • CIRIA Report 163: Construction of bunds for oil storage tanks 
  • IS EN 1610: Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers

A tailored suite of testing is prepared following a risk assessment of the assets to be tested. Visual, Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing techniques are used to ensure the integrity of all assets. All testing is carried out and signed off by a suitably qualified person.

ORS provide a bespoke service offering tailored to each site informed by a GAP analysis of the integrity testing programme and records.

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Project challenges

Challenges which can be encountered include


Baselining of the drainage networks to ensure asset registers are up to date and can act as a programme management aid


Co-ordination of confined space works, for example, to carry out visual inspections of underground bunds


Reviewing remedial recommendations to determine the most cost-effective course of action for our clients.


Key Contacts

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    John Brennan

    Managing Director

  • Luke Martin
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    Luke Martin

    Associate and Joint Environmental Lead

  • Alan Kiernan Joint Environmental Lead
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    Alan Kiernan

    Associate and Joint Environmental Lead

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