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KSN Horizon instructed ORS to carry out Flood/Climate Risk and Natural Hazards Risk Assessments on a number of high-value properties in Dublin city centre. A report was created to comply with the section ‘RSL01 Flood/Climate Risk Assessment criteria’ in the BREEAM Resilience Scope.

This report aimed to assess the development area’s natural hazards. The key studies used in preparing this report include hydrological studies and natural hazards risk assessment. This document was created to comply with the section ‘RSL03 Natural Hazard Assessment Criteria’ in the BREEAM Resilience Scope.

An extreme natural event (of the average environmental, meteorological, hydrological or other natural conditions) that is statistically rare at a particular place and time.

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The assessment is set out in three stages:/

  1. Risk Identification and Screening; 
  2. Risk Classification; and 
  3. Risk Evaluation

The first stage of the assessment was to identify potential unplanned risks that the development may be vulnerable. An initial list of natural hazards was identified, and the list of potential natural hazards was subjected to a screening assessment to distinguish the potential risks that meet the scoping criteria.

Natural hazards were then evaluated concerning the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact. The rating criteria adopted for the assessment used in A Guide to Risk Assessment in Major Emergency Management (DoEHLG,2010).

The resulting risk classifications were incorporated into the Risk Matrix with the recommended actions required from an emergency response perspective.

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Project challenges

Managing through Covid

The ongoing pandemic impacted the completion of these reports. This was a risk that previously would have been considered as an event with a low likelihood of occurring. As a pandemic has a global impact, recommendations included staff and residents following Strategic Emergency Management (SEM) and National Structures and Framework introduced by the government. Extra signage, facilities, and cleaning services were introduced throughout the site as necessary.


Key Contacts

  • John Brennan Managing Director
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    John Brennan

    Managing Director

  • Luke Martin
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    Luke Martin

    Associate and Joint Environmental Lead

    N5 Westport to Turlough Road


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