CIF Safety Week 2020 – Plant and Pedestrian Safety

Every site is different and likely to present various hazards and risks. However, a well-designed and maintained site with proper segregation of vehicles and people will make workplace transport accidents less likely. The most effective way of ensuring pedestrians and vehicles move safely around a construction site is to provide separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes. Where possible, there should also be a one-way system as this will reduce the need for vehicles to reverse and will help pedestrians and drivers.

  • Kept clear and free of tripping hazards and segregated from vehicle routes.  
  • Where they must merge/cross over, crossing points should have a clear view, and be well posted, with directional/warning signage, always ensuring that pedestrians have the right of way.  
  • Walkways should be constructed from suitable materials, such as compacted fill, be evenly formed and provide a width of at least 1.2m. 


  • Segregated from pedestrian routes and designed to minimise reversing.  
  • Suitable for the vehicles that need to use them with appropriate speed limits.  
  • Designed to avoid steep gradients and sharp bends while taking into account the extra space required for loading and unloading areas. 


  • Maintained to the highest standards 
  • Properly used/operated by trained personnel e.g. CSCS Card holders, and fitted with appropriate audio/visual aids, or proximity devices where operator visibility is restricted (this should be based on risk assessment). 


  • Aware of the site rules, designated walkways, and pedestrian exclusion zones i.e. around cranes.  
  • Aware of people and plant interface zones & blind spots (examples below) for the particular machinery present on site.  
  • Site inductions, regular toolbox talks, and site notice boards play a crucial role in ensuring this information is made available. 


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ORS has satellite offices in Newry and Maynooth.

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