Pre and Post Construction Works – Property Condition Surveys

The ORS Building Surveying Team regularly carry out property condition surveys adjacent to upgrade works on Ireland’s road network.

Clause 136 of the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Specification document for Road Works Series 100 – CC-SPW-00100 Preliminaries states that property condition surveys must be undertaken on all buildings and structures within 50 metres of the works and any other structures that the contractor deems necessary.

These property condition surveys are generally carried out in two stages, at pre and post-construction stages. Depending on the type of construction works and/or the duration of the programme, interim property condition surveys may also be carried out. ORS have the capacity to coordinate and carry out surveys in line with the contractor’s programme and requirements.

ORS has qualified Chartered / Registered Surveyors and Chartered Structural Engineers to carry out these property condition surveys and meet the requirements of Clause 136.

ORS has worked alongside many contractors, including GMC Utilities Group Ltd, BAM Civils Ltd and Coffey Group, as well as local authorities, including Kildare County Council, Westmeath County Council and Donegal County Council, to both fulfil their requirements and that of TII Works Specifications.

ORS has worked on large and small infrastructure projects such as the N26 Swinford Road, Co. Mayo, the N56 Dungloe to Clogholie roadway, Co. Donegal and N17 Lisduff junction upgrade in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. In addition to flood relief schemes such as the Morell Flood Management Scheme and Athlone Flood Alleviation Scheme.

There are mutual benefits to the contractor and the property owner in carrying out these property condition surveys at both stages (pre and post-construction works). The survey report provides a baseline record of the condition of a property or structure prior to the construction works commencing and on completion of the works.

Should any damage occur to the property during the works and be considered to be as a result of the construction works, the pre and post-survey reports will be the basis for the affected parties determining if the damage existed prior to the works commencing, if it is new and what the extent of the damage is.

Similarly, should a disingenuous claim be made, the pre-works survey report will be used as evidence to show that the element was in poor condition in advance of the works.

The written report includes photographic records of any existing damage or significant defects. The scope of the survey consists of:

  • Assessment of the internal general condition, including unevenness in the walls, floor or ceiling, and any existing defects and cracks.
  • Assessment of the external general condition including walls (and boundary walls), chimneys, windows, doors and paving, identifying whether there are any obvious signs of settlement, subsidence or structural distress (e.g. bowing walls, crushed brickwork, etc.).
  • Dimensioned sketches (if required) showing any existing damage cracks, including measurement of crack width or other pertinent information.
  • The use of the building and any other salient points (e.g., settlement or presence of vibration-sensitive equipment, glazing, etc.) are recorded where deemed prudent for the contractor to be aware of prior to carrying out the works.
  • Recommendations may be made to monitor elements of the property during the works due to the existing condition. With respect to cracking, depending on the severity of a crack, a recommendation may be made for the provision of a tell-tale crack monitor installation for the duration of the works.
  • ORS can provide for supply, install and monitor of tell-tale crack monitors.

If you require property condition surveys adjoining infrastructure works, please contact Deirdre McShane, Building Surveying Lead, who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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