Site Resolution Plans

Site Resolution Plans for Unfinished Housing Estates

In 2010 in the depths of the economic and banking crisis, immense challenges faced the residential development sector which gave rise to the issue of the unfinished or “ghost estates”.  This meant that approximately 3,000 developments were inspected by the Department Housing Inspectorate and of these 3,000 only 15% showed, at any time, any signs of activity (Resolving Unfinished Housing Developments 2017 Annual Progress Report on Actions to Address Unfinished Housing Developments.

Following appointment by the client ORS engage in a detailed desktop study of each site obtaining digital data for utility services, foul and storm drainage, watermain and planning files.  This allows us prior to visiting site to gain some knowledge of what information is readily available and preform a gap analysis on the information.

This also us obtain the year the development was commenced and the minimum standard to which the estate needs to be delivered to. With this information the client can then decide if they want to bring the estate up to the current standards.

Following the desktop study, a detailed site condition report of the existing conditions within the estate.  This initial walk around allows us to recommend further investigations that are required, Drainage CCTV, Water Audits and Leak Detection, Public Lighting Surveys, Topographical, Site Investigation and Road Coring if this is deemed necessary.

The investigations are procured through a tender competition with PW-CF8 Short Investigation Contract from the Office of Government Procurement the form of contract.  ORS deal act as liaison between the client and investigation contractor dealing with health and safety matters, site queries and processing payments.

Upon receipt of the above reports from the investigations and including our own site condition report a budget cost is prepared.  This allows the client to obtain a high-level cost of the project and if they have to scale back works and only complete some of the works until further funds become available.

This allows the form of contract to be chosen depending on the value.  In most cases the value of the works will be under €1,000,000 so the PW-CF6 Public Works Short Form of contract can be used.

Following the budget cost and agreements to the scope of the works the bill of quantities are prepared in accordance with the TII Requirements for Measuring and Pricing.

With all the information in hand works drawings and details are prepared for each site along with the site resolution plan. This details all the works to be carried out to each estate, budget costs, health and safety, any constraints, planning issues, statutory bodies correspondence, which can then be handed over to the client.

Upon approval to proceed to construction we monitor the works on site to ensure the works are completed to the relevant standards, carry out inspections, deal with contractor queries, claims, variations and payment certificates.

ORS Experience in Site Resolution Plans/Unfinished Estates.

Our multidisciplinary approach brings our civil engineering, road safety and quality auditing, and surveying skillsets into one seamless service offering. Our experience in site resolution plans, from inception to completion ensures that no stone will be unturned and that both our clients and the existing and future homeowners have a place they are proud to call home.

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