Third-Party Ventilation Certification

As Assigned Certifiers for some of the largest residential developers in Ireland, ORS takes on a crucial role in ensuring compliance with Building Control regulations. We act as the eyes and ears for Building Control, collating all relevant certificates from the Design Team members, sub-contractors, and specialists. This includes installation of and commissioning certificates, as well as product, material, and testing certificates.

Ventilation Certificates

Recently, third-party ventilation certificates have become more prominent due to communications with NBCO on Ventilation Validation requirements. Ventilation is a crucial aspect of building design, as it impacts indoor air quality and ultimately affects the health and well-being of occupants. Good ventilation involves the exchange of air, removing harmful pollutants and moisture from the inside of the building and replacing it with fresh and clean air.

Under Part F Ventilation 2019, Section 1.2 of Installation and Commissioning of Ventilation Systems for Dwellings, Validation is required to ensure that ventilation systems are installed and commissioned correctly. The commissioning procedures define the method by which a system is checked and assessed before handover to the end user. Commissioning of natural ventilation openings is based on visual checks, while mechanical ventilation (both intermittent and continuous) requires airflow measurements as part of the commissioning process. Ventilation systems should be installed and commissioned by competent installers, and verification of these flowrates to the intended design flowrates should be carried out by independent third parties, such as NSAI Certified or equivalent.

As Assigned Certifiers, our clients have found significant value in the role we play in raising awareness of the need for independent third parties to be engaged early on in the installation and commissioning process. This ensures that the completion stage and submission to Building Control run smoothly and on schedule. By working closely with our clients and third-party providers, we are able to ensure that all necessary certifications and validations are in place, providing peace of mind for all stakeholders involved in the development process.

It is worth noting that this independent third-party ventilation certificate is not a requirement for non-dwellings. These buildings are expected to comply with TGD Part F Section 1.3  ‘Buildings other than dwellings’ and the commissioning of ventilation systems in these building are covered under Section “Commissioning”. These Commissioning Certificates for the Ventilation System should form part of the Compliance Documentation for Buildings, where one is installed.

Our experienced Assigned Certifiers can provide expert guidance on all aspects of the certification process, including the latest requirements for ventilation validation. By working with ORS, you can have confidence that your project will meet all necessary regulations and be completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at to learn more about how we can support your next project.


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