What is the role of a PSDP and when is it required?

What is the role of a PSDP and when is it required?

The role of the Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP) is a legal requirement and must be undertaken to co-ordinate the health and safety considerations from project initiation to handover. As experts in providing the PSDP role, we influence safety on a project which ultimately lasts longer than just the construction timeframe. The safety conscious recommendations made by the PSDP and the decisions taken by the designers and client, impact the building users significantly.

Our aim is to minimise the potential safety risks which may arise during the operations of the site, or the property. We work with the design team to ensure that any recommendation made to the client and the design team takes account of the General Principles of Prevention. To ensure that there is a full understanding of these recommendations, there is a duty on the design team to co-ordinate with the PSDP as the designs develops.

The appointment of a PSDP on a project is required when:

  • construction work is expected to take longer than 30 working days;
  • if the work involves more than one contractor (or sub-contractor);
  • if there is a particular risk present on the project;
  • If work will exceed 500 person days.

It is not enough to appoint a PSDP before the issue of a tender or shortly before starting on site.  Time is needed from the outset to make recommendations to reduce the safety implications during the life span of the building. The client has a duty to “Appointment in writing, before design work starts, of a competent and adequately resourced project supervisor for the design process (PSDP)”.

Working with ORS gives you the confidence in knowing that your statutory obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 are met. Our knowledge and experience gives you peace of mind that the health and safety element of the project is compliant and professionally managed. We have developed our PSDP system to ensure that our duties and those of the clients are fulfilled and in an efficient manner.


H&S Co-ordinator role

In addition to providing the PSDP role for clients, ORS also has the ability to carry out the H&S Co-ordinator role for the appointed PSCS. Under the construction regulations 2013, the PSCS can be a company, however there should be a nominated person available to complete the day to day duties of the PSCS. In some cases, this may be a dual role along with another role within the company and may require support in terms of setting up a H&S system and provide guidance throughout the project in terms of H&S.

Other H&S Services

Members of the ORS Health and Safety Management Team are highly competent and qualified and provide independent health and safety services such as workplace audits and safety project management.

Requirements vary significantly for each client and workplace.  Contact the ORS team to discuss your specific needs.

To find out more about the role of the PSDP, contact Adam Price, Associate from the ORS Health and Safety team, at a.price@ors.ie.

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