Women in Engineering

At ORS, we believe that diversity drives innovation and progress. As a company deeply invested in engineering solutions that shape the future, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for women in engineering.

While we celebrate the accomplishments of our female engineers, we also recognise the challenges they face. Gender bias, stereotypes, and a lack of representation remain significant barriers in the engineering field.

At ORS, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Currently, 26% of our team are female, a figure that surpasses the average in the Irish construction industry. While we are proud of this achievement, we are also aware that further progress is essential.

We pledge to increase the male-to-female ratio at ORS. Our goal is to create a more balanced and equitable workforce through targeted initiatives, promoting equal opportunities, and supporting the professional growth of women within our organisation.

We firmly believe that diversity drives innovation and excellence, and we are dedicated to enhancing our efforts to achieve a more inclusive environment for all our employees.

We are committed to addressing these issues head-on by creating a supportive and inclusive workplace. In conjunction with the Irish Centre for Diversity, we are currently in the process of obtaining ‘Investors in Diversity’ accreditation.

The Investors in Diversity Framework has been developed to provide a 360-structured review of an organisation’s strategy and culture around Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement (FREDIE) across five pillars:


ORS Provides a Supportive Workplace

Hybrid Working

We are proud to champion hybrid working as a key initiative to support the family unit in the workplace. This approach enhances productivity and job satisfaction and promotes a healthier work-life balance. By championing hybrid working, we aim to empower our team to excel in their careers while maintaining their commitment to family.

Flexible Working

We provide flexible working arrangements and the option to avail of a 4-day working week to all employees at ORS. Our ethos is truly recognising that ‘My working day may not be the same as your working day’. It is important that work-life goes hand in hand with commitments outside of work. We pledge to support flexible working arrangements for everyone at ORS. This includes employees having the opportunity to work from their home country for extended periods to visit family outside of Ireland.

In January 2024, ORS introduced a number of family support systems to ensure we continue to provide a supportive workplace for our team.

Paid Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive/Surrogacy Leave

ORS proudly offers comprehensive paid family leave to support employees through this significant life event, ensuring new parents can focus on their well-being and newborns without financial stress. We believe in fostering a family-friendly workplace, recognising the importance of both professional and personal fulfilment. Our commitment is to create an environment where our employees feel supported and valued during this pivotal time.

Fertility Leave

ORS is committed to supporting both male and female employees in all aspects of their family planning journey, which is why we have introduced paid fertility leave. Fertility leave allows employees undergoing fertility treatments, such as IVF, to take paid leave, ensuring they have the time and flexibility needed for medical appointments, treatments, recovery, and anything they may need during this process. By providing fertility leave, we aim to create a compassionate and inclusive workplace that respects and supports the diverse needs of our employees, empowering them to pursue their family planning goals with confidence and support from ORS.

The Future of Engineering in ORS

Diversity and inclusion are a cornerstone of our culture at ORS. Empowering women in engineering enhances our own capabilities and contributes to the broader goal of gender equality in a male-dominated industry. Our commitment to supporting and advancing female engineers is unwavering, and we believe that their contributions are vital to our continued success.

As we look to the future, we want to build on our intake of female engineers and lessen the gap between the number of male and female employees. Decreasing the gender gap in engineering is not about diminishing opportunities for men but about creating a more equal and effective workforce that benefits everyone. It’s about leveraging the full spectrum of talent and capabilities to drive innovation and shape a brighter future for engineering where talent knows no gender boundaries.

We are Proud to Support Women in Engineering.

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