Consultancy Excellence: The Multidisciplinary Offering at ORS

ORS is one of the leading multidisciplinary building consultancies in Ireland. We pride ourselves on three pillars that set us apart: Our People, Client Relationships, and Multidisciplinary Service.

Our multidisciplinary approach uniquely includes civil and structural engineering, project management, infrastructure, health and safety, building surveying, assigned certifier, fire safety, energy management, and environmental services. No other consultancy in Ireland offers these nine distinct services under one umbrella.

Although some clients may only require one service at a particular time, the support from other specialist fields is of significant value. ORS appoints a Project Coordinator on projects that require multiple services from the firm. We do this to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency for the client.

Over the decades, we have developed trusted, lasting partnerships with our property developer, international project funding agency, local authority, government agency and private clients. Our end-to-end project collaboration with stakeholders, architects, design teams and contractors ensures excellent, innovative solutions.

At ORS, we recognise that successful projects demand a multifaceted approach, where diverse disciplines collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results. Some key advantages of our multidisciplinary services to both clients and projects include the following:

Comprehensive Solutions 

By harnessing specialists from diverse fields, ORS ensures clients receive comprehensive solutions that address every facet of their project. From inception to completion, our integrated approach leaves no stone unturned, resulting in robust and resilient outcomes that exceed expectations.

Streamlined Communication

With all services consolidated under one umbrella, communication between teams becomes streamlined and efficient. Clients benefit from a single point of contact, overseeing all project aspects, facilitating clear communication, and minimising the risk of miscommunication or delays.

Cost and Time Efficiency

By bundling multiple services into one integrated package, ORS delivers significant cost and time savings to clients. Our streamlined approach eliminates the need for multiple points of contact, reducing administrative overhead and coordination efforts. Moreover, our collective expertise enables early issue identification, averting costly delays and the need for reworks.

Risk Mitigation

Building projects entail various risks, from safety hazards to environmental compliance. ORS’s multidisciplinary teams excel in proactive risk identification and mitigation. Leveraging diverse expertise, clients can mitigate liabilities and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the project lifecycle.

Innovative Solutions

Collaboration among disciplines fosters a culture of innovation and creativity at ORS. Our experts continually exchange ideas, resulting in innovative solutions that redefine traditional building consultancies. Clients benefit from cutting-edge approaches that optimise performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Sustainability Focus

With sustainability at the forefront, ORS integrates environmental considerations into every aspect of a project. Our multidisciplinary teams work together to incorporate energy-efficient design principles, sustainable materials, and renewable technologies, enabling clients to reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainability objectives.

ORS’s integrated multidisciplinary approach offers unmatched advantages to clients seeking comprehensive, efficient, and innovative solutions for their building projects. By harnessing the collective expertise of our diverse teams, we empower clients to realise their vision confidently, knowing every project aspect is in capable hands.

Reach out to the ORS Multidisciplinary team today, and experience a faster, more efficient and more innovative project delivery. Get in touch at

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ORS has satellite offices in Newry and Maynooth.

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