New Large-Scale Residential Development Scheme explained 

The Strategic Housing Development

The Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process was first introduced in 2016 and was set up to fast-track residential units. SHD application processes were submitted directly to An Board Pleanála for consideration as opposed to the relevant local authority. This process was envisaged to provide swifter procedure in getting large scale planning applications assessed.  

As of 17th December 2021, The Government has established a new application process called the Large-Scale Residential Development scheme which is set to replace the existing SHD process. This scheme is reverting back to applications being made to the local authorities and has been designed to accelerate the planning decision making process further, which in turn will allow for faster delivery of housing developments and student accommodation.  

The Large-scale Residential Development (LRD) scheme will focus solely on the applications for the development of the following: 

  • Development of 100 or more houses 
  • Development of a student accommodation which has 200 or more beds 
  • Development of 100 or more houses and student accommodation 
  • Development of a student accommodation which has 200 or more beds and houses 
The LRD consists of 4 stages: 

1.Pre-Application S247 Consultation 

The purpose of the first stage is to give any potential applicants the opportunity to seek advice from the relevant local authority on planning matters in the area that may have a bearing on the decision of the application. The pre-application consultation will only be organised for a person with substantial legal interest in the land and in relation to a particular development proposal. 

2.LRD meeting with Planning Authority 

The second stage of the process occurs after the LRD applicant has completed an S247 meeting. The applicant can ask for an LRD meeting with the local authority. The purpose of the LRD meeting is to obtain an opinion from the local authority whether “the proposal constitutes a reasonable basis for submitting an LRD planning application”.  

3.LRD Opinion 

The planning authority will review the documents submitted in the application. This will determine whether the proposal requires a reasonable basis for an LRD planning application. If the council concludes that more consideration and amendment is required, it will give advice as to the issues submitted in the application. The Opinion issued is only valid for up to 6 months. 

4.Submission of LRD Application 

Prior to submitting an LRD application, the previous three steps must be completed. A decision is required 8 weeks from the lodgement of the application. The local authority is permitted to request additional information in relation to the LRD planning application. A request for further information on the application can only be done so once by the planning authority. 

Once a decision has been made, an appeal to An Board Pleanála can be made within four weeks of receiving the decision which is similar to the existing normal planning procedures.  

ORS offers an experienced team to assist our clients throughout the planning process. Our engineers and designers have worked on numerous planning applications of various scales and complexities, including large scale SHDs. Our multidisciplinary team can offer a variety of services to clients to ensure that their submission is given the best chance to succeed. Our planning service lines include: 

  • Civil engineering 
  • Structural engineering 
  • Fire safety 
  • Disability access 
  • Traffic engineering
  • Environmental engineering 
  • Project management 

To learn more, get in touch with our Project Management team today.

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