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In July 2020 a new revision to Technical Guidance Document B (TGD-B) came into force, the first significant amendment to the code since 2006 (except for the publication of the separate volume 2 for ‘Dwelling Houses’ in 2017). The amendment is titled ‘Reprinted Editions 2020 Amendments & Corrections Incorporated’, and the edits relate primarily to

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ORS is currently working with Meath County Council to inspect 1,200 rented properties.     The properties are being inspected to ensure compliance with The Minimum Standards in Rented Accommodation 2017 guidelines (S.I 17/2017). The key inspection areas include:   Structural condition  Fire safety    Ventilation   Gas, oil and electrical installations   Heating facilities   In relation to rental accommodation, typical inspections on behalf of County Councils and private landlords include conditions surveys in three specific areas:  Window restrictors: Where a window

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The importance of evacuation maps Much like how passengers often fail to pay proper attention during the air steward’s safety demonstration before a flight, evacuation maps have become so ubiquitous and so ingrained into modern life that building occupants may often ignore them. And just like the air steward’s pre-flight demonstration, evacuation maps can save

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Fire Risk Assessments – what’s involved? A major part of our work in the fire safety engineering sector is the high-level fire risk assessments which we carry out on several different existing buildings types.  They range from hospitals, warehouses, apartment blocks and dwelling houses. A detailed on-site inspection is carried out to identify sub-standard fire

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What is a Fire Safety Certificate? A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) shows that adequate escape facilities are present in a building. It indicates that the building is designed in a way that prevents and limits the spread of a fire. All buildings must comply with Part B (Fire) of the Building Regulations 1997 – 2010, however

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“A building shall not be opened, operated or occupied unless a Disability Access Certificate has been granted” A Disability Access Certificate (DAC) is a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Building Control Authority with respect to the requirements under Part M of the Building Regulations. Under the current Building Control Regulation, a DAC is required where

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ORS has satellite offices in Newry and Maynooth.

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